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    Google Sync for iPhone
    Just a quick note for anyone who wants MobileMe functionality without the cost, google now support syncing on iPhone for free. Both calendars and contacts are supported and during testing I'd say the pushing of new items to the iPhone is quicker than with MobileMe.

    Google Mobile - Sync

    One other feature which MobileMe doesn't have is the ability to set alarms for events. It works fine with google, but is simply missing from MobileMe.

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    Yup, works well, using it right now on my iphone, just wish they would enable push e-mail too.

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    I was thinking about giving it a try. Then I read that it erases your contacts and events from the phone. It doesn't then say, just sync with mac and they are all back. So after it erases everything all you have to do is sync it and it will all be back?

    And since it syncs with the native cal and contacts does that me it syncs back to mac into ical and address book?

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    The way I have it set up is that I use Spanning Sync to make sure my mac syncs with google, then Google Sync to make sure my phone syncs with google. That way google is the "centre" point rather than my phone or computer. Spanning Sync costs but there's a way to get the same functionality for free now, I can't remember how but it just requires a bit of fiddling around in terminal.
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    My problem is I hate the way google handles contacts. I like google email and calendar, yahoo contacts

    I'm trying the mobileme 60 day trial. I like the contacts and calendar. Wish there was a way to send as gmail through the online mobileme interface

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    Hello all, new here. I am trying to sync a calendar for a group's I need to sync a calendar to multiple iphones. Thus far, I have successfully synced my google calendar with the ical on the mac I am using, but now I keep getting this annoying error message: "Request error: calendar could not be found". Very frustrating, needless to say. From what I have researched, this is a problem on the google end of things.

    1. Is there a way to just bypass ical altogether and sync my google calendar to my iphone, as well as the other iphones in the group?

    2. If not, how do I stop this error message to keep popping up continuously? The google cal/ical sync is about every 5 minutes, so there is constantly 6 of those error messages...I'm guessing for the 6 calendars I am trying to sync.

    3. I've tried busysync from, but I am still working with it. I am still in free trial mode, with approximately 20+ days left. Not everyone has a google account, but I have been told to make it happen, and I think it is definitely going to require a license with each computer ($25 per license, last time I checked).

    Basically, this function is not fully available yet. I have been running into forum-after-forum with people having the same problems! I have always been a PC-user, just acquired a mac, and aside from the constant error message, I like it. Is there any way to sync my calendar WIRELESSLY to a multitude of iphones?! This is what I need, since I am remote and the group I am trying to accommodate is touring the world at all times...


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    Quote Originally Posted by angiemarie1216 View Post

    1. Is there a way to just bypass ical altogether and sync my google calendar to my iphone, as well as the other iphones in the group?
    Yes setup another google calendar for the group then invite all users to it. Setup the calendar on each phone via the google sync settings and it should work fine. I use a similar setup and it's great.

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    i have my googlesync setup to sync my gmail calender, and two other calenders

    my question is when i look at my month view there is a dot on everyday as if there is an event everyday even though there isnt, did i set it up wrong?

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