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Thread: Group Contacts for iphone

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    Group Contacts for iphone
    Why doesn't iphone have the ability to group contacts?

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    Very Good Question
    Very good question. Even low-cost phones have this feature...

    You have two solutions

    1. Create your groups with your PC/MAC, and then sync your iPhone with it. Lots of resources on Internet can help you. Quite complex. And if you need to modify a group, you need to sync again

    2. Installed an application to help you. You have lots of choices here. I am using Easy Group. It is simple and free. Additionally it helps me to send group text and group emails directly to all group members without the need to select all of them
    App Store - Easy Group

    But perhaps that one day Apple will include this feature in iPhone directly.


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    Easy Group
    Thanks Johny. For clarification sake:

    Easy Group is a free iPhone application, with more than 20 000 users. It allows you to group your iPhone contacts, but also to send group texts and group emails in one tap, without adding all people one by one.

    You can download it here : group your iPhone contacts

    If you want a demo, you can watch it on youtube : group your iPhone contacts

    Easy Group Community

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