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Thread: iPhoto syncing issue with iPhone

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    Question iPhoto syncing issue with iPhone
    So I'm really into my pics and editing them in iPhoto and then syncing them with my iPhone, however some of the pics that I edit are only synced as the originals! Same album/same event, some of the edited pics sync to the phone, but for some reason, others wont. I have plenty of avail memory on the iphone so I'm not sure what it is. I've renamed the files hoping that might help, I've restarted both iPhoto and iTunes and still, when I sync them the same original pics are on the phone instead of the versions that I want. Before I lose my mind, can someone show me the light here?!

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    maybe itunes just isn't recognizing that the photos in iphoto have been edited?? try removing all the pictures and re-synching them when its done, ****, maybe just restore the phone
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