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    Tracking lost iphone
    Is there any service that can find a lost iphone based on it's GPS?

    My friend lost mine in a bar last night. I'm
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    The only software I know of was only available if your phone was jailbroken.

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    better call and report it stolen before someone racks up tons of calls on it

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    I heard a story on that a guy had is iPhone stolen and he then tracked it through his mobile me account. (iPhone thief thwarted by MobileMe sync - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Yet if you dont have mobile me this isn't gonna help one bit. There are also a few apps that let you track where you have been and even ones that track your phone if it is stolen. Yet these all would have to installed before the actual event of you losing your phone...

    But this is all probably not useful by now... So sorry about your lost phone... best to do as stated above and maybe look into a nice $150 refurb from At&t...
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