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Thread: Moblie web sites shown NOT normal site.

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    Moblie web sites shown NOT normal site.
    Hey guys,

    I ran into this problem. I was trying to get to a restaurant web site to look at its nutritional guide. It is Buffalo Wild Wings. When I type it into Safari on the iPhone it switches and takes me to the mobile site. I have tried everything and looked in th esettings to try and correct this. I thought the iPhone was suppose to be the phone to the "whole" web. I thought that was the whole thing that you would get the full web site and not the mobile site. I have noticed this on a couple of other sites also.

    Any Ideas??


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    The iPhone doesn't switch, the site itself is set up to recognize the device that is being connected to it and the web site sends out the mobile site. Many sites, will have a link on their main page that will allow you to change to the main website (as Amazon does) so that you can browse the mobile or regular site.

    So, there are no settings that you can change on the iPhone. The settings are at the server and the way the webmaster has set up the site.
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    I have seen that "Go to Full Website" link on some sites.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Contact the website and let them know.
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