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    Question What should i do? (iphone vs. bb again "/)
    Ok so im going away to school (UMass Amherst) in like 3 weeks and i have a blackberry curve. I really want a white iphone 3g. i had a black iphone 3g 8gb when it was first released but the bill became to expensive, so my mom said if i cancelled out of at&t and got a blackberry for tmobile she would pay my bill since it would be on the family plan. So i obliged, and got a blackberry curve.

    Honestly it does everything i need, push email, im, sms, and full qwerty keyboard. It just doesnt have that appeal that the iphone 3g had. plus its not that fun and doesnt really have an app store. Now that im going to school im going to be getting my child support that my dad pays which is about 500 a month when im away at school for anything and everything i will need.

    Sooo should i get an iphone 3g, pay the $200 tmobile cancellation fee, and pay my mom back the $200 from when i cancelled at&t the first time? oh yea and buy the iphone for $300? Since i'll be getting 500 a month i can pay the $120 bill easily.

    ooooor just keep the blackberry curve, not have to pay my bill, and have $500 a month to play with at the biggest party school in state?

    i know it seems like a no-brainer but i loved the iphone, i dont know just give me your opinions pleaseee.

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    if it was me i would keep the plan with your family so you can use child support for other stuff that may come up. hook yourself up with an ipod touch instead. it will fill that need for an iphone but without the phone part. i love mine its awesome. surfing the web is fantastic on it. you could probrobly hook right into the schools wifi with it. watch movies download applications. all without the huge att bill.

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    Hold out for the next gen iPhone, hopefully by then your contract with TMobile will be up and you can save your $200 towards the iPhone purchase.

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    I wouldn't do anything either, but if you MUST have an iPhone, I would get an unlocked one off Craig's list and use it on T-Mobile.

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    I think the Touch of unlock ideas are best. But if it was me, I'd go with an unlocked, though it might cost as much as switching to AT&T in the long run anyway. Getting a contract-free 3G isn't cheap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    I wouldn't do anything either, but if you MUST have an iPhone, I would get an unlocked one off Craig's list and use it on T-Mobile.
    Agreed I am doing that and love it 5.99 data plan

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