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    iphone wifi MAC address
    hi all not posted for a while but....

    Have recently bought an iphone 3g, Now.

    Have also been playing around with my new router and noticed that when i connect to the router on the list of attached devices there is 2 connection from the iphone

    The first MAC address is that in the settings tab and the other im not sure.

    have ruled out all my other wifi equipment so what could it be ????

    its not a real drama as my wifi is secure and it happens when i connect the phone but would just like to know if anyone knows

    Thanks in advance

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    the iphone shouldn't have two MAC addresses.
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    Are they similar, like almost identical except for the last two or four digits?

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    If the router does Bluetooth it could be the Bluetooth IP.

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