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    Refurbished iPhone: New Case or Not?
    Some of the iPods get new cases when they're refurbed so they look like new. Is this true with the iPhone 3G as well?

    Mine needs to be replaced (dust under glass) and I'm unsure if they'll replace it with a new unit or a refurb, but I'm not too thrilled about the refurb if it's already beaten up. Mine has been in a case for the last four months and is only faulty due to a manufacturing error.

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    Well even if it is scratched a little I think its a deal. I just cover mine with a case. I found a real cheap deal at this little site. inspiretech: Apple iPhone 3G Slim Fit Hard Cases, iPhone 3G Skins -Blue Its like $10 and they have a bunch of colors I havent seen anywhere else. This is the one I have. Dont know if the full bodies are as good. I would think so.

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