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Thread: I'm On The Edge

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    I'm On The Edge
    I'm in need of a new contract and phone and I've been looking at the iPhone a lot. Does it currently have any issues? The one thing that got me into the iPhone was the ability to customize it a lot. I'm on the fence. I'm either going with the iPhone or just a Nokia.

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    Remember, if you are talking themes, the ability to customize it "a lot" is only after you choose to jailbreak it. Out of the box, you can only pretty much change your lock screen wallpaper, and move the icons around.

    But, even a stock iPhone is, IMO, the best mobile phone out there. It's a beautiful device and the Apps you can install are outstanding - and I think the best part is that it will only get better!


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    I'd recommend perusing posts here:

    iPod - iPhone - iTunes Forums at iLounge

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