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    How do I unblock a number on my iphone?
    I just recently got an iphone. Somehow one of my friend's numbers got blocked. My friend was able to call/text me after I got the new phone, but starting about a week ago has been unable to call me. Everytime they call, it doesn't even ring and they hear "The AT&T subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable" and then it hangs up. I can't get any of the text messages they send either. They are able to call other AT&T customers. I can only conclude that somehow the number got blocked (although I didn't think you could block numbers). Has anyone heard of this happening? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions (other than calling customer service)?! Thanks!

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    Didn't know you can block people on the iPhone. Have you called ATT yet and asked about it?

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    never heard of that one, you will have to call customer service

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    Yup I would call AT&T.

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    Call AT&T.

    I had an issue where I couldn't receive a text. AT&T Tech Support straightened it out.

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