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Thread: Slow Video Streaming

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    Slow Video Streaming
    I connect to my iPhone 3G during the day via a Linksys WRT160Nv2.

    Video streaming on the iPhone is slower than it is on other routers and slower than it should be.

    The current router is not dual-band. My previous one was, a D-Link, but it was up down, up down and irritated me in to swapping it for the Linksys.

    How should I configure the Linksys to:

    1. Maximize bandwidth to the iPhone for streaming video

    2. Maximize bandwidth to the ethernet wired connection for streaming audio

    3. Ensure maximum throughput to my brand spank-*** new MacBook Pro?

    Thanks very much... and great forum!

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    I have the same problem as you with my iPhone 3G.

    When loading a video in YouTube - say a music video - takes an age to fully download and you need to wait a minute before you hit play or it will stop ad need to rebuffer. Drives me round the bend as works fine on the Mac.

    I use my ISPs (bSkyB) router - which I find to be really goof - so I'm interested in a answer here too!

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