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    HELP! Basic Questions Regarding an iPhone
    Hi MacForums.

    Basically, Iv been looking for a 2g 8gb iphone unlocked and jailbroken on ebay.

    I have a vodafone pay&go sim and my itunes is version

    Will my itunes work with an unlocked iphone or does it matter what firmware it is?

    What must i be careful of as i dont want it to re-lock.


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    From my experience with unlocking phones, itunes will work with pretty much all firmwares. As long as you don't try and update the firmware through itunes you should be fine. It would probably be a good idea to download the latest version of itunes as well.

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    Nov 26, 2008
    thanks man,

    so i should get the newest itunes prior to connecting an iphone.and not while it is in?

    also, what exactly is firmware?

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    Yea if I were you I just update to 8.0.2 or whatever the latest version of itunes is. Generally firmware is a combination of software and hardware that runs a computer or phone in this matter. So really its just the software that runs a device.I think thats right, but I'm not sure. if anyone has a better explanation that would be good.

    Btw if you are looking to buy an unlocked iPhone I might have one for sale

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