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Thread: iPhone original dock mod

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    Mar 28, 2008
    iPhone original dock mod
    My wife has an original iPhone and I have an ipod touch. The iPhone came with a dock, the touch came with a universal adapter.

    however the 2 did not work together and the touch was to wide to fit into the iPhone dock. I did not want to drop $50 for a universal dock so I decided to mod my iPhone dock to make it work with both devices.

    I used my dremel tool to grind out the inside edges to make it wider so the touch would fit in there. I slipped a little on one side and took to much off, but it still holds both devices with out any problems.

    just thought i would share

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    this did not come out how I wanted, but I hope you can see it good enough
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    I guess if it works then why not.

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