Hello everyone,

I first purchased a new iPhone 3G 16GB white, back in July. It has since been replaced because my first iPhone had a problem with the Sleep/Wake button. My new iPhone 3G 16GB white has a different "personality" in that the display behaves quite differently than that of the first iPhone 3G I had. For starters, the display is not as bright (as the first iPhone) when set at the same brightness level. Also, the Auto-Brightness feature, when turned on, is much more dynamic in that it instantly reacts to ambient light. When it's dark, the display automatically and significantly reduces the output of the LED backlight to save battery power. Conversely, when it's in a well lit room, the display's intensity increases to compensate for the brightness of the background light. The most noticeable difference between the two iPhone 3G displays is that after the predetermined Auto-Lock setting has passed, the display "blanks out". No faded or dimmed backlighting, just dark. On every other iPhone 3G I've seen, the display noticeably dims BEFORE powering down and the iPhone's home page icons are still clearly visible before the display completely shuts off. My iPhone display just gets dark - no back lighting whatsoever! I'm wondering if Apple has used two different displays on the iPhone 3G or if this is a new feature built-in to the iPhone's hardware or chip set. Also, is it possible that the hardware-based backlight control switch, mounted on the IC board could be defective or the display is missing an "extra" LED backlight array? Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated, as Apple has indicated to me that the phone is not working under "normal operating parameters" and should be replaced. I'm not so sure that this is the case, as this iPhone is much better on battery life, between charges, and both my first iPhone 3G and this unit shared the same Firmware: version 2.1 (5F136).