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    iPod transmitter for vehicle
    I am looking for a good fm transmitter that will allow me to listen to my ipod touch through the radio. I bought one at wal-mart last week, but it was junk. Static was louder than any music, so I took it back. They had one there that showed it specifically for the new touch or iphone, but it was $90. Just seeing what all you suggested. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpleg View Post
    I am looking for a good fm transmitter that will allow me to listen to my ipod touch through the radio.
    If you can find one - Tevo. My little beauty came from Singapore [url=] It transmits up to 50 metres, through concrete or wooden walls, without significant loss of either quality or signal. I don't have an iPod, but I assume it has a 3.5 mm audio out socket on it.

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    One thing you have to watch out for is interference from the iPhone's phone side. When I first got mine, I had an old iTrip from my iPod that I thought would work. It did work, but then while driving, anytime the phone did something (like, I suspect, communicate with the cell tower) it would let out an awful buzzing interference sound. So much so that I gave up and won't use the iTrip anymore.

    I have also seen some expensive transmitters that claim working with iPhone, but considering my past experience, I'm wary to fork over the money to try one.

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    He is looking for a transmitter for his iPod. The static only comes from phones on the GSM network.

    Did you try all available stations? Usually, the lower frequency stations work the best. ex 88.1, 88.5, 88.9, 89.1, etc.

    If you are looking for one for your iPhone, most of them work. Just turn on Airplane mode, and it will rid the GSM buzz.

    Good Luck

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    Guy has one at work I thinks it this one
    Griffin Technology: iTrip nano

    Either way its impressive how well it actually works, I had a few fm transmitters back in the day to hook up my cd player in a car that only had fm but this thing blew it away. I would definitely say check out.

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    When I tried my iTrip with my new iPhone 3g, it says this accessory is not made for the iPhone. Of course, it couldn't be the other way around could it, despite the fact the iTrip existed before the iPhone.

    I expected the iTrip would not charge as well, since it doesn't charge my latest iPod Nano either. However, I expected it would at least transmit. What a rip. So now I either have to carry my iPod around as well as the iPhone or buy another iTrip (or some other transmitter).

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