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    i am getting aiphone 3g without a contract, what should i do?
    i am going to get a iphone 3G but i dont want the 2 yr contract with it
    so lets say i bought a brand NEW 3G iphone without the contract( by paying more money)
    do i have to activate the phone or something like that to use it( i want to use it like an ipod + text)??

    i have a pay 2 go plan with att, so i want to use that with my iphone 3g. ( i only use the plan to text, i have a verizon for my talking on the phone)

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    To use that P2G SIM Card, you will have to unlock the iPhone 3G. That is only possible if you purchase a Turbo Sim. Google it for more results.

    Some people have reported being able to just pop-in any AT&T SIM card, and the phone will work, but I doubt that could be true.

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