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brianwmay 10-17-2008 02:03 PM

iPod, The 'missing' Missing Manual - COMPLAINT
Last month I bought and paid for the iPod The Missing Manual - I knew the paper version would be late but the website said the pdf version was ready.

So I paid up and downloaded it . . . to find it was a 3 page advert for it.

When I queried this, Mr Chris Olsen told me that the manual would be out 'next month sometime' - it's now half way through that month and - NOTHING.

I know that new models have just been released, but surely the work had been done and the books must be available (printers don't get a job done in a week).

Has anyone else managed to get the iPod manual?

My iTouch is 2 months old and my wife's a few days.

Isn't there any law against advertising goods you cannot fulfil in the USA?

The reason I'm raising it here is that in all the Apple Stores I've been into, the Missing Manual range is prominent (I have two others), but this 'take your money and you'll get the goods 'sometime'' is reprehensible.

brianwmay 10-18-2008 05:33 PM

Further to the above, the 'missing' bit was that it actually WAS available but they didn't inform me.

Something else that was 'missing', some customer service.

Still, I have it now and it's very good (typically Missing Manual standard and up to their normal standard - in fairness)

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