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    iphone help will not connect to computer or make calls
    hey people
    thanks for looking i need some help
    i think i got screwed i bought an iphone and i think its broken
    the phone turns on all the features work including wifi
    the only 2 things it will not do it read any att sim card except the one it came with (not sure where it came from)
    and also it will not connect with my computer or any other computer. itunes cannot recognize it and it shows up at unknown device in the usb port.
    please help me any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Turn off the iPhone. Hold the Home AND Power button for 10 seconds EXACTLY. Then let go of the Power button and CONTINUE TO HOLD THE HOME BUTTON for 10 seconds. This should get your phone into recovery mode, and you can restore through iTunes from there.

    The SIM card issue is because the iPhone was activated with that SIM, and must be used with THAT sim. You can bypass this by running QuickPwn, and unlocking the phone. Assuming you have the older iPhone, once you complete the procedure, just pop in the new SIM card, and your services should be running. Remember a DATA plan is required to use internet on the new SIM card, without accuring internet fees.


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