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    Do new apple retail stores carry older iphones?
    So I have an older non-3g iphone and I wanted to take it to an apple retail store to get it replaced under warranty.
    I stay in the middle of 2 different apple stores (Carlsbad CA & Escondido CA) that both recently opened after the 3g iphone came out.
    My question is if I take it to either of these stores, will they have the older refurb iphones in stock to replace my unit on the spot, or will I have to wait to get it in the mail.
    Or should I just go an extra 30 miles to a different apple store thats been around for awhile and get it there.

    I really dont want to wait for my phone in the mail, much rather have it right then. Anyone have any experience that could help answer my question. thanks

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    I believe you will have to get a replacement via mail, though you could always call up the stores to double check.

    Also, you're not really going to be without a phone, Apple sends out a loaner while they take a look at yours.

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