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    Question Fixing a cracked 3G screen
    Hey guys

    I've done some research on this question, but come up with different answers. Now I'm turning to you gentlemen in hopes of getting some conclusive advice.

    Basically I have a 3G iPhone with a cracked screen and am now wondering how to repair it.
    The touch screen is unaffected, and I am pretty sure that the crack is only on the outer glas panel.
    I'll be making an appointment with one of the Geniuses at the local apple store in hopes that they will replace the phone. Since that is unlikely I am thinking about what other options I have.

    Now I've been searching various online electronics suppliers as well as eBay and this is where things get confusing.

    If I wanted to fix the phone myself, or buy the parts I need and have someone fix it for me, what would I need exactly?

    Do I just need the outer glas panel? those things can be bought really cheap for around 15 to 20 bucks.
    Do I need the glas panel + digitizer? Those cost around 60-75 bucks from what I've seen.
    or do I need a new lcd + glas panel that are already attached to each other?

    I remember reading that the glas is glued to the lcd, so you can't really seperate the two. If the glas breaks, you need to buy a new lcd as well.
    I also read though, that with the 3G the lcd and glas are NO LONGER glued together, which would obviously make the repairs process a lot easier.

    So which of the three is it? Please only answer this question if you are absolutely sure.

    Finally I would like to ask what experiences you guys have with repairing phones yourself. I've heard many people say that it's virtual suicide and that you will mess up all kinds of things trying to do it.
    However I've also stumbled upon tons of "How-to" guides and youtube videos that make repairing the iphone look as easy as 1,2,3.

    Thanks a bunch for your kind words of advice



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    first gen iPhones the screen was glued
    iPhone 3Gs the glass is separate from the LCD display.

    So all you need is the glass, do a search I know someone already fixed theirs on here for pretty cheap too.

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    Check they have great guide on how to replace the glass/digitizer It's supposed to be really easy and you can buy the unit on ebay for less than a $100.00

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    repairing your iPhone 3G
    I ended up replacing the glass and digitizer myself for around $80 after shipping and getting a pry tool. I got my screen/digitizer from Mission Repair ($69), but there other sites you can get it from too, like PDA Parts and Rapid Repair. I liked the one from Mission repair because it came with adhesive strips for attaching the glass to the frame. Due to the lack of information out there, I ended up creating site to help tell other iPhone 3G users how to go about repairing their phone and how much it will cost. I'm going to post pictures and a video tutorial soon. Hope it helps!
    Cracked or Broken iPhone 3G Glass? | 3G Cracked

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