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    Jan 20, 2008
    New iPhone 3G. Voicemail not working correctly. Takes forever to get anything to play, then usually plays for a few seconds and quits. Nice presentation but doesn't work.... anyone know anything about this??? Is Apple working on it???

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    My voicemail works fine.

    Have you tried restoring the phone?

    If you did, you may want to give apple a call or stop by an apple store to see what they think..

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    Jan 20, 2008
    Living in Alaska... my phone and three others that I know of all were having huge voicemail problems. We all setup our voicemail using the visual voicemail promps without ever calling ATT to set it up. Yesterday I got through to ATT and they reset my voicemail and had me set it up over the phone, worked fine. Did the same with my wife's phone as well, that worked too. Looks like there is some kind of a service glitch in my area that prevents it from setting up correctly without calling in. Who knows. But it works now. Only thing is there is a 2-5 minute delay between when a message is left and when I get notification of the message. Not ideal but thats literally my only complaint so I am a happy customer.

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