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    iPhone Ultracompact Power Adapter Recall
    Hey everyone,

    Just found out that apple has recalled and is running an exchange program for the "Ultracompact USB Power Adapter" that shipped with new iPhone 3G's.
    This recall also affects power adapters that were sold separately.

    I bought my iPhone 3G in early August and qualified for an exchange, so I am sure a lot of your will too.

    Here is the link to the article about the announcement:

    Here is the link for exchange orders:

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    I'm still using my original iPhone's adapter with my iPhone 3G, my compact adapter is sitting in the 3G's box in a closet. I guess I could get it swapped out.

    Told family and friends who have the 3G about this. Thanks for the heads up!

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    I just filled my return form out. This is huge for Apple. I wonder how this will affect their earnings next quarter.

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