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Thread: i have mp4s 320x240 in my itunes library, but my iphone isnt detecting them

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    Unhappy i have mp4s 320x240 in my itunes library, but my iphone isnt detecting them
    I'm new to itunes, the iphone converted me but its getting a little frustrating.
    I have mp4 video files, about 50 hours worth, in my itunes library, that play in itunes and are only and are only 320x240 and yet they dont show up under videos when i plug in my iphone.

    I've searched as best i can, and found a few threads on different sites with problems actually syncing the videos but i dont even have the option to do so.

    I've tried right clicking>convert selection for ipod/iphone and even those videos don't appear with the option to sync under my iphone, just in itunes.
    Any ideas?

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    I had the same problem. Not with converting to iTunes or with my iPhone, it was just that when I had downloaded movie trailers from the American iTunes store, I couldn't put them on my English iPhone.

    Your problem sounds similar.

    I used a program called VisualHub which can convert everything to anything. Any format you choose; including specifically for the iPhone/iPod resolutions.

    You can tell VisualHub to automatically add the file to iTunes once it has finished re-writing the code, and it should save it straight in the 'Movies' folder. You'll then need to delete the old file otherwise you will end up with thousands of duplicates laying all over your computer.

    Hope that helps.

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