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    My beef with Fido
    So on August 8th, I ordered a 8GB iphone through the phone because i wasn't near/couldn't get to a Fido Store. So I was given a delivery date of August 23rd, then August 24th came, no Phone. Then i spoke to them and they told me that I was talking to an inexperienced CSR and would get a delivery date of September 2nd, latest. Well September 2nd came and no phone. I had already received the phone bill and they told me because I had been charged my phone must have been shipped. However, there was no tracking # in my file and it turns out they shipped the phone but have no idea where it is. They apologized, gave me some measly credit, and told me that they would file an inquiry and then they would ship me a new phone by the 15th latest. This is getting ridiculous and I am seriously close to canceling. They told me to call back sept 9/10 and then they would have a definite answer.

    I'm really ticked off right now because I'm without a phone right now and an ipod. My telus contract was up 2 days ago and my ipod went bust 2 months ago.

    Has this happened to anyone else!!

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    From what I can tell with Fido and Rogers (same company) their inventory and warehouse is run by a 3rd party company. Who knows what kinda confusion that could cause.

    That being said I ordered mine launch day over the phone and received it the following Tuesday with no problems.

    Good luck either way. I would ask for a few months free or something to make up for the frustration

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    As a former rogers employee, no the warehouse is not a 3rd party, but they use UPS as a shipper and honestly UPS is rediculous. Most often shipping problems are the fault of UPS, either misplacing the order, or their staff stealing product. I know its frustrating but please try and not take it out on the CSR's, in most cases it isnt their fault.

    I know it can be painful waiting, but the process (at least with rogers) was to open a ticket to ups which takes 1-2 weeks, at which time UPS will pay rogers for the phone if they cant find it, which will reset your account for upgrade.

    There are occassions when the phones are out of stock and dont get shipped right away, but in that scenario your usually only looking at a 1-2 week delay in receiving your item.

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