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    iPhone Bluetooth Headset Static- fixed yet?
    So I FINALLY got my iphone off of ebay for a decent price, after getting scammed several times.

    The guy was nice enough to throw in all his accessories, most of which he never used. So I got the apple iphone bluetooth headset and the dock and all that stuff, and it actually worked amazingly well the first day. Everything is in perfect condition, I updated it to 2.0.2 and pwned it with the newest winpwn.

    Anyways, it worked fine the first day, as I said. Now whenever I turn it on, I can hear static even on the beeps from the headset's own functions. When I'm in calls with it, there is reeeally bad static and I can barely hear the person at all, and they say they cant hear me. It still shows the battery meter on the top right and everything.

    I searched on the net and it seems like alot of people have had the same problem... I tried all the fixes I could find, restart the iphone, airplane mode on and off, repair, etc. No dice.

    Im just wondering, is there a way to fix this without going to the apple store or trading it in? This is just annoying, Id like to be able to use this while typing or driving.

    Thanks, I appreciate any help.

    PS: I posted this on macrumors as well... Im not a spammer, I just want to have the best chance of getting a helpful answer.

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Update: Im trying to run down the battery and then try it, its hard to do since its mostly used up by talking, and since I can do that, its just sitting there.

    And I might try the headset that came with a game for PS3 to make sure its not the iphone.

    Anyone else know what to do?

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