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    iPhone Freezing Up
    Every since the 2.0 software was released my iPhone (1st Gen) has been freezing up. For example I wake the phone up and then press the contacts icon and it takes close to 10 seconds to display the contacts. It isn't just the contacts... it is happening to just about every function of the phone.

    I have reset the phone and even reinstalled the software to no avail.

    Is this a common problem? If not are there any suggestions on how to fix this? It is REALLY annoying.

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    Have you updated to the latest 2.0.2? Those lag issues have mostly been dealt with with the updates

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    Yes I am on 2.0.2. I have been hoping that the updates would fix this but they haven't. I guess that this came to a head today when my co-worker was showing me his new 3G and it had no lag what so ever.

    Like I said.. no issues until 2.0

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    my wifes 1st gen iPhone froze a few weeks ago and when I tried to power it off, it took about 45 minutes to power off. Then it worked just fine after that. Im guessing my nephew was switching between games way to fast and causing what ever problems 7 year old boys cause.

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    I'm using the iphone 3G an it froze on a white screen. When I connect to my computer, itunes and iphoto runs automatically and is syncing with the iphone. It's really messed up. Blarg.. help!

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