First off, I just want to clarify that I am only asking this question through pure curiosity.

Basically when I look on ebay for 'iphone' or 'iphone 3g' I always see lots of unlocked phones from the same seller and also a lot of bulk iphones for sale, like 20 iphones unlocked for sale.

I was just wondering how do people buy lots of iphones and then sell them on? I mean, I thought that iphones had to be bought in store or online and be registered to a person and be on a tariff and that the tariff would have to be seen through (18 months here in the UK)

I mean, are these iPhones ripped off? how can one person have 20 to sell and make money, and if they are making money that must mean they have acquired them without having to pay a contract. And if they are contractless, they must be paying top dollar for pay as you go versions from other countries.

Like I say, I am only curious about this and not wanting to start trading in iphones (if I had that sort of money I would invest it in something more profitable like petrol )

Does anyone know where these iphones come from and how they can buy so many without raising a question from Apple or the respective phone companies who sell the Apple iPhone?



Ps, it just amazes me this goes on at all