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    Entourage crashed Contacts only on Iphone please HELP!!!

    I am a recent convert to Mac's so I was slowly working into it all.

    I was using Entourage as my contact, calendar and email manager while having it all sync into Mail, Address Book and ICal, so then it would sync into mobile me then my iphone.

    Yesterday I opened my macbook to have entourage start fresh with everything gone, luckily all my emails still were on Mail but I lost all of my contacts( no I am a dumb a** and did not use time machine) So therefor it synced into mobile me which then deleted everything from the cloud. Luckily Mobile Me is not working properly so it did not sync to my Iphone, which left everything still on the phone.

    I am a sales rep and those contacts are my life so I can not afford to lose them.

    It is my understanding that if I go into my Iphone and uncheck mobile me as my contact sync it will delete them all from my Iphone. I guess you would need to do that too manually sync into Itunes.

    So my question is how do I get my contacts back to my mac book?

    Can I use another program like copy pod or sync or anything.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Yes I did contact apple and after 3 hours with apple care and mobile me support they said to manually input all 1000 contacts back to my computer.


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    The opposite thing happened to me. When I synched my iPhone the first time, it wiped out all of my contacts in the OS X address book. I tried synching my old phone, and it wiped those out as well. Entourage ended up being my salvation.

    You might try synching to another computer, to see if that will move them off the iPhone. Before the synch, it should do a backup which will allow you to restore if something goes wrong.

    Hope that helps.

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