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    Why no Applecare in the UK
    I'm a bit confused as to why Apple are not offering Applecare in the UK yet it's available for US customers. Any ideas?

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    I too have been wondering this ever since I got my first gen iPhone way back when.

    I thought that with the launch of the second gen iPhone they would have offered AppleCare to us but it doesn't seem that way at the moment!

    Quite annoying really.

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    It is very annoying - US users get an extra year's cover for £35, whereas if UK iPhones break after the first year we're screwed.

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    Not much we can do about it as Apple concentrates on the North American market. Prices approx. double Apple Store US to Apple Store Aus. for accessories. E.G. ADC/DVI adapter US$99 AU$199.

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    The only option I can think of is getting a third-party extended warranty or insurance, as the handset is 159 though I doubt it is worth it any repairs are probably going to cost more than the handset...if it is possible to buy a new handset or whether they would charge you the PAYG price as the handset is subsidised on contract.

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