I found this online.

i was just web surfing and i came across this makes you think more and more about big brother


Mr. Zdziarski's discovery of a remote blacklist that gives Apple the ability to zap apps from your phone remotely was pretty concerning for us jailbreakers and NetShare owners, and even though Steve said it's only for zapping the malicious/dangerous ones to keep us secure, it's still a little frightening (though understandable I suppose) that it was kept a secret. For those who don't like the idea of Apple periodically checking out their iPhone, Mr. Zdziarski has posted a way to disable the feature.

Just so we're clear right off the bat, we have no reason as of yet to think that there is any real need for disabling the blacklist checker at this time, as we (currently) trust Steve's statement that it will only be used on security risks, but if you still want it gone then continue. Just remember that we haven't tried it and we don't take responsibility for any problems that this could cause down the road.

To disable the "kill switch", jailbreak your device if it hasn't been jailbroken already, and add the following into the location /etc/hosts: iphone-services.apple.com