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    charging/power button
    whenever my phone is off and I plug it in the charger it turns back on...normal??? Also, the power switch on the top is a bit uhmm...soft? I had a white 16G and just got a black 16G and on the white one it had perfect tactile feedback when i pressed it on the black one it feels a bit mushy...anyone else notice this?

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    Yes that is normal - most phones when plugged in will display a "charging" message but the iPhone switches on to do this. I would guess the reason is anything plugged into the dock connector supplying power switches it back on because when you plug it in to your computer, it is going to need to be on to sync.

    In regards to the power switch, I have not had this issue and it firmly clicks when pushed. You could try taking it back to the store and see if they will exchange it.

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    ok this is it second time returning it (I don't mind doing it either) if I'm going to have a phone for 2 years I'm going to be picky. I hate having to explain that I'm returning it for such a small reason tho. Unfortunately I bought it from the AT&T store and they don't have any in stock so I will have to wait I suppose until they get more. Last time in order to get a new one I had to completely return my phone (restocking fee anyone) and order a new one through their customer fullfilment.

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