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    What price do I fall under?
    You can take advantage of our no-commitment pricing option, with the exception of iPhone which requires a 2-year commitment. This line may be eligible for an equipment discount on 01/30/2009

    Does this mean I fall under the $399 or $199 price for the 8 gig... I am a current customer on cingular and just noticed this when I clicked upgrade after paying my bill. My guess is that it will be $399 right now but after 1/30/2009 I can get it for $199. If anyone can help clarify it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would read it the same as you. $399 now, $199 after 01/30/2009.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baggss View Post
    I would read it the same as you. $399 now, $199 after 01/30/2009.
    Man, I was super excited for a second there. I thought I was gonna get it for cheap. Well, thanks for the quick reply. No iphone for now.

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