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    Anyone have similar problems.....I have been an AT&T customer for a month now and whenever I call people my cell number shows and the name is Cell Phone CO and not my name. I contacted AT&T several times to have trouble tickets issued to have it display my name. They said its correct in their system but may be the landline service who I need to call. I did this as well and landline services say that its up to the wireless company or even that they may not use the same caller id database. Has anyone had a similar issue which you know how to resolve this to show my name?

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    It has to do with the landline service operator. I have a similar problem.

    My number used to be with Nextel under my dad's name. I ported the number to ATT under my name. When I call my house (which is Comcast digital voice landline) the caller id shows up with my dad's name. However, when I call my work (which has ATT landline) it shows the correct and current name which is mine.

    Comcast often shows cell phone calls like you described (Cell Phone CA, or Out Of Area) which is strange because it never showed up like that with ATT landline.

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