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    Wireless connection
    If I'm out and about I get free unlimited access to certain wireless hotspots in the UK. Can I use the iPhone as a go between between the wireless hotspot and my Macbook, if that makes any sense?

    For example, could I use the Macbook to surf by using the iPhone's connection? Otherwise if I connect the Macbook to the wireless hotspot, I have to pay for it.

    I hope this makes sense!

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    You can use this application to use the iPhone's 3G connection anywhere:

    If you're connected to Wifi and use that application it might just let your macbook use the wifi. But I haven't tried it. Let us know if you have success.

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    I believe NetShare was pulled by Apple from the Apps store yesterday.

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    Thanks for that, it's a real shame that the app isn't available any more, I hadn't even thought about it to be honest as I only bought my iPhone yesterday but up until now I've been happily using my Nokia E65 as a modem when there's no wifi available, but no it seems I'm not even going to be able to use GPRS to connect.

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