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    iPhone 3g's and scratching
    How prone are the new iphone 3g's to getting scratches? if any of my ipods are anything to do by (the backs of them) then i will be needing some sort of protection against scratches!

    I have a griffin Nu form, but i dont like the front toutch screen protector it has and any case will add to the bulk of it where holding just the device feals much better in the hand.


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    I guess it would depend on how you take care of it. I don't have any scratches, yet. On my iPhone 1G I have the invisible shield. Probably the best protection from scratches there is. It also reduces fingerprints and improves grip. I haven't ordered one for 3G because I just like the way it feels without it. I will probably be wishing I had it on there after the first good scratch. I dropped my 1G phone a couple times and was totally protected with Invisible Shield. One time I dropped it because I had removed the shield and it was so slippery.

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    belkin leather case, has a open face so you can get easy access to the touchscreen. Did originally considered a napa leather pouch to slip the whole phone in but thought it would be a hassle to take out everytime. For screen protector I order one from, has a mirrored finish so can check out my handsome face it also covers top and bottom of the phone. Bargain price at £3.99 it looks better with the mirrored face when it's out of the case though

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