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    not to sound blasphemous- but i'm over my iphone and could use your help
    I have a newer old model so i guess it would be called 2g, last week i had a issue with lint and dirt in the headphone port shutting down the ear piece/mic combo so i couldn't make normal calls. Then today my iphone would not play music though the dock connector. After a full hour on the phone with support and completely clearing/reformatting my phone it is now back to "normal".

    Herein lies my problem: i don't want to deal with something new breaking ever other week and would rather just have my $450 back. I checked the warranty info and saw that this was an option but it was listed after repair and replacing the phone itself. Is there any way to just cash in on the refund part of the warranty without having to go through the entire process? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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    Maybe you can do it an easier way if you're contract is almost up and just sell the phone and cancel contract unless at&t doesn't make the price lower over time like tmobile does.

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    not gonna work
    i had to agree to a 2year when i got my iphone in december and the $175 cancelation fee plus trying to sell it is more work/less "profit" then i'm looking for

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    How long have you had problems with your iPhone? If I'm reading your post right, it seems none till these 2 episodes recently. You sure seem awful quick to throw in the towel, especially over 2 relatively trivial events. The lint/dirt in the headphone port... well that's gonna happen with ANY phone with a headphone port if you handle them the same way you have been handling this one. Total no-brainer here.

    As for it failing to play music through the dock connector... a software restore did fix it, did it not? Out of curiosity, what software version did you have? Ever jailbreak it or install firmware any way but via iTunes downloading and installing it itself?

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    sorry you don't like your iPhone. I love mine had one pro with mine and Apple replced it no questions asked.

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    This is my recommendation: get the new iPhone since you're eligible, then unlock your 2G (majorly ups the value) and sell both on eBay, and use the funds to buy a phone you really like, or to get out of your contract, or both.
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    I am a year into my two year contract. I am on my 3rd iPhone. I've reformatted multiple times. I was on the phone with Apple for hours every week when I got it last year.

    You're stuck with the phone unless Apple replaces it for you. They're not going to buy it back. AT&T won't just let you out of your contract, especially because you've had to reformat once.

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