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    iPhone 3G still faster despite lack of signal.

    i had the first gen iphone, and have recently upgraded (in the uk btw).

    on the old one i had full signal edge, and on the 3g the signal is 1bar, but sill faster, and noticeably aswell, so 3g must be super fast in full signal.

    has anyone else found this?

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    Yeah, I have noticed this as well.

    It's one of the things I actually get to brag about to my friends who constantly go "Hey, how is your glitchy 3G phone that you paid 200 bucks for."

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    Yeah same here. People keep complaining about the bars being low. Mine are too but my net is super fast and my friends are having no trouble reaching me so I am happy.

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    that is because the bars are for call signal, not for 3g. 3g is the same speed no matter how many bars you have, if you have the little icon showing youre good

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