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    Question iPhone3G - BATTERY & CRADLE
    Hi guys;

    I am new to iPhone but I just bought the 3G and I love it!

    I have noticed that the battery drains pretty quick, even in stand by and without the Push and 3G options active.

    So here is my question:

    - If I leave the iPhone plugged to my Mac via the USB cable or buy a cradle and leave it there all the time I am in front of my computer... will the battery be affected? Will the battery charging life be shortened?

    In other words, is it wise and Ok to leave my iPhone connected to a power source all the time I am in the computer (half of the day)?

    Your comments will be very much appreciated.


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    MAN, i read a blog article couple days ago. Apple actually changes the battery from 1450 to 1150(3G), i guess that's the main reason why iphone 3g battery drains so fast. I bought the 3g on wednesday, i love it except the battery issue....when i was in the office, i just plug it on, not sure whether gonna short the battery life ....
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