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    Buying an iPhone from USA?
    Hey guys,

    My dad is currently visiting the USA, and after speaking to him on the phone he is adamant the iPhone is only 100. Being an old folk, I explained this was tied to a contract, but has left me questioning how much an iPhone alone would cost in America... as I would love one and would ask of him to grab me one on his return.

    Or is it simply easier to buy an iTouch instead, if so how much would this cost transatlantic?

    Thanks guys

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    Erm, I'm pretty sure an American one isn't going to work over here unless you unlock/jailbreak/whatever it. Also, I don't think you can just buy them without the contract...

    Though we are apparently getting iPhones on PAYG later this year.

    iPod Touches are from $299 = £149.76, so a bit cheaper than the £199 here.

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    You could get him to buy and ipod touch and bring it back in hand luggage as a gift

    The iphone will definatelly come with a contract with AT&T

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