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    Unhappy Help with Exchange setup on 3g iPhone
    So I have been able to get mobile me to work without any problems but Exchange is another issue. I am able to access OWA online and have also set it up via outlook access also. For some reason I cannot get it to work via iPhone. Once I set it up the first time it will connect and verify then download my calendar items. Shortly after that it will pop up incorrect password or username and then after a couple of tries with the proper password my account locks out. Yet the same user and password work for anything else.

    We are running Exchange 2007 but no SP1 installed so not sure if that affects it.

    Would anyone be able to shed any light on if they have had the same problem and how they worked around it?

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    I have not had the same problem. What address are you using for your exchange server?

    I tried to use the same local address as my desktop Outlook, but you need the proper OWA public address to get Exchange to work.

    Does anyone in your company have a "smart" phone that currently can connect to Exchange? There should not be any differences for connecting your iPhone. Look at their phone and copy the settings. If their phone works, no reason yours should not.

    Make sure you put your username as DOMAIN\name.
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