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Thread: iPhone mail problem...connecting???

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    Feb 24, 2008
    iPhone mail problem...connecting???
    I have been an iphone owner since February of 08' and a .mac account holder since February of 07'. .mac is obviously now .me and the mail part is driving me nuts!!

    The only time "push" works is right after I do a complete restart on my phone. I called and talked with applecare tech support and was literally told to just restart my phone. Yes, let me pay for a product and service and to get it to work properly I must shut down and restart every time I want to use it???

    Anyhow, I was given no solution so I figured I would try here. I have posted a picture of my .mac (.me) address to show you exactly what I am getting.

    Just so you know, it does not matter if I am connected to wi-fi or on the edge network. It will continue to spin and show the "connecting" at the bottom of the screen. I have received absolutely zero help from tech support so I am hoping I can receive some support on this great forum.

    thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried doing a restore on your iPhone and manually setting up the email part of it?

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    Feb 24, 2008
    No I have not. Is that what you would recommend? If I don't get any quick fixes I will do this. I still can't get over the response from the apple tech support. They literally told me to just keep restarting the device to get it to work properly.

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    Feb 24, 2008
    just to let everyone know
    I don't like making posts and then not following up. I have tried everything (literally did not work today) and still have no resolution to the problem. Spent hours on the phone with support and even they don't have an answer. What a joke.

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