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    Jul 14, 2008
    iPhone Battery Life
    I got my iPhone last February. Have had no problems, just curious.

    From the people that have had their iPhones for the year now, or close to it, are you still getting good battery life? or had to have it replaced?

    Also, I found one thread on here that talked about cycling the battery. What habits do you have. I am pretty anal about not charging mine until it gives the 10% warning but that has caused some problems for me with having a dead phone and no charger close by. How often should you cycle it?


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    I've had mine for literally a year (bought it July 2, 2007) and the battery is still holding up great, if not a little better (Apple made some improvements in battery utilization with its firmware releases).

    June 2007
    July 2009

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    no noticaable battery degradation for me, Im glad too---was anticipating problems based on the bad-battery hype
    I love my Jesusphone

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    Thursday before the update my phone would go 2-3 days without charging. Since the update to 2.0 goes 8-12 hours before its down to 25% and thats with wifi off, push/fetch off, location services off.

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    My first gen iPhone still has great battery life most of the time after a year of heavy use but since 2.0 it has acted a little strange... I will have a fullish charge and set it down on my desk for a few hours (1 or 2) and pick it up and it will be dead. I plug it in and when the charge window comes up it shows half a battery worth of juice. I can unplug it then and it works fine for hours. I flushed the phone and restored it and it happened again. I am thinking there might be a bug in 2.0.

    Anyone else have this happen?

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    I just got mine 3 days ago... and with everything of except Push and I got 11 hours!! I made and received 4 phone calls. Not too flash I would say!

    Imagine if I had Wifi, BT and GPS running!!

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    Wow 11 hours. I managed 36 hours with no charge with Wifi on and a few calls and e-mails involved.

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    My battery seems to be getting better now that it's got a couple charges in it. I'd say give it some more time.

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    Apple has posted battery saving tips.

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