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    does this bother anyone about the iphone?
    the fact that theres no LED so when you want to check if you have a missed call, sms, VM, etc...So when you want to check you have to push a button on the phone every time. I just know I'm going to start getting OCD about waking up my phone whenever I leave my phone.

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    It doesnt bother me. My previos phones never reminded me of I had a missed call/text message by using an LED. I always had to push a button or open them to see if it was trying to tell me something.

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    Nah - I use my iPhone as my watch, so if I check the time, I'll see any missed calls. Besides - it's good to break the "check everything all the time" habit and segment your email / messages checking habit into regular intervals.

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    I think it would harm the design of the phone if there were an LED on it, which would reduce sales. I also think an overwhelming majority use their phone as their watch (like above), so they check it then. Honestly, why not just have it on vibrate or ring instead if you're afraid of missing calls?
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    I use my iPhone as a watch also. My thoughts are if i have my phone in a belt clip case or my pocket i'll never see the LED anyway. No use in having it.

    Oh well. Just my .02

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    I agree with above, the only time this comes in handy would be if you have your phone sitting somewhere and leave the room and come back. If its in your pocket or on your belt, you wont see it anyway.

    As for having to "press a button" seriously, we have come so far now that pushing a button is too much????

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