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    the battery life may not be that much better but..
    ****, is the it more accurate.

    On my old phone, once that 20% battery life remaining warning hit, i knew i was screwed.. within 10 minutes my phone required me to start recharging as that dreaded dead battery symbol showed up.

    20% remaining my butt.

    On my new 3g iphone today, the 20% battery warning came about an hour ago. I have been using the phone non stop since 10:54pm and it is now midnight and the phone is still going. I actually got impatient waiting for the battery to finally die so now i have pandora radio running on speaker phone to kill the rest of it haha.

    definitely a positive IMO, i hated being deceived by the battery warning over and over again. It actually does it right this time

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    yeah! i noticed the same thing! I was trying to run the battery dead for the first time and once it took forever to drain after the 20% mark i remember getting a message saying "10% left.." and i thought "what? thats it??" and I was playing youtube videos thru wifi almost the entire time to drain the battery.

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