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    Accessories that only have Iphone Compatibility?
    Browsing the apple store I have noticed that some products only have Iphone listed as compatible and not Iphone 3G. Is there a major difference between the two phone models?

    For example would this car charger work with the Iphone 3G?

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    Yes that charger will work. The things you should worry about are cases, the 3G doesn't fit in my Otterbox, and docking stations, the 3G doesn't fit in my iPhone 1 charging dock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dakineyj View Post
    The things you should worry about are cases,
    Perhaps, but I have a Griffin car charger that was able to charge my 1st gen iPhone, but won't charge the 3G. Different popup message saying it won't charge.

    Now I have to wait for more accessories to trickle in. The iPhone's been out over a year, and I've yet to see an accessory that will both charge the iPhone and provide AUX in, that truly works properly.
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    I forgot where but I did hear(tv) or read(web) that apple was going to release a update to correct the issue I remember it was in the context of a person complaining that the 3G would not charge or play in the bose speaker system that the 1st gen iphone did.

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