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    cracked iphone screen
    i just noticed that my iphone has a cracked screen and i want to get this fixed since it is driving me absolutely crazy.

    i have a jailbroken and unlocked iphone running on rogers so i doubt i can send it back to apple (if anyone knows of any ways i could send it back, plz let me know). i also dont want to spend 200$ on replacing the whole screen, lcd, digitizer. the phone works perfectly, as if it never happened but i just cant stand to see it look the way it does. anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do?

    keep in mind, i do not have a contract with at&t and do not want to sign a new contract here in canada when the new iphone comes out since it is a
    waste. i just want a good looking iphone to use with my present contract.


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    Sell it on ebay and buy another one. Apple won't touch it of you don't have At&t. either contract or GoPhone.And since it is cracked they will charge you,I believe $250 they just swap out the can do it yourself but I have heard mixed reviews on it.

    Good luck

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    OK. I finally got around to getting my screen repaired by . He did a great job and it looks like new. I am extremely happy with the work he has done.

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