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    iPhone 3G Activation Question
    I currently have a Palm Treo with a 64K Smartcard. I am not eligible for an upgrade with ATT until next April. However, my wife is currently available to upgrade her phone right now. In the past, I have used my wife's upgrade at the store to get a new phone activated on my number without issue or hassle. This was my plan to get the 3G on July 11th.

    I went to my local ATT store today to verify that they were getting the iPhone and to see if there was any new news on a release time. While there, I tried to verify that I would still be able to use my wife's upgrade as my own. I was told by a customer service representative that I could not use my wifes upgrade with the iPhone because the instore iTunes activation would only be able to activate her phone number.

    So, is this young lady telling the truth? This particular ATT store has tried to get extra money from me before by giving me false information. I find it hard to believe that the application software will only allow you to activate phones that are listed as "availible to upgrade" through ATT.

    Second, what if I did activate my wife's number? If I put the my 64K Smartcard into the iPhone would I be able to use the iPhone on my number with 3G services? I'm really trying to save a few hundred bucks here.


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    While I can't answer your question with any sort of definitiveness, I'm fairly certain that you can get the new iPhone for your line and at the subsidized price. What AT&T is doing is when you go to buy the iPhone 3G, it is scrapping all old plans and starting customers who purchase the new phone with a new two year contract. There are no early termination fees involved nor any hassle with designated times at which you can upgrade and get the subsidized cost.

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