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    Do you let your kids play on your iPhone or iPod Touch?
    General question - Do you let your children use your iPhone or iTouch device? I sometimes let mine play games while killing time (saves a lot of whining while waiting for meals, Dr. visit etc).

    Wondering if other parents do this too?

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    Would I give something as small, delicate, fragile and expensive as an iPhone or iPod Touch to my kids to play with?

    ... not in a million years.
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    Haha I don't have a child. But my mom who also has an iPhone let my neighbor who is 3 play with her iPhone, I could not watch i was so scared of her dropping it. Anyway my mom woke up at 3:22 am because the little rascal set an alarm and had called about 11 of her contacts.

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    I've let my 7yr old nephew play with mine a few times...
    But it's in its Seejacket case, so I'm not really too worried.

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    No way and they are both in their forties!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    No way and they are both in their forties!

    based on that I would have to say I would have to base that question on a age and personality there are some people (adults) I would not allow play with it being I know there are rough with there own phones

    no kids as of yet to answer to though..

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    I have twin nieces who are 5 and it's fine if they use it... My iPod Touch is a company tool for me, I use it to keep some info about my schedule that day, my fuel usage, store music, keep a watch on stocks, take notes, it's my rolodex, check my email when away, and get some maps every now and again... If something happens to mine, I am 100% sure my dad's company will replace it and I am not saying that to act like I take it for granted or anything of that sort... Just unlike most other companies, 'penny pinching' is not accepted...

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    nah itll be fine i know lots of parents who do that! LOL
    they is durable more than they look

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