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Thread: new iPhone 3G Availability

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    new iPhone 3G Availability

    I am holding out for the new iPhone, and will probably go down to the Apple Store in New York City (the closest place to have them in stock) to purchase one. My question to you is that do you think I could still get my hands on one if I visit the store on Saturday the 12th? or will they run out. Would it be better to wait in and endless line Friday if it means that is the only way to get one of these things? Does anyone know what happened with the release of the first generation phone?


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    Ok well if you want to take a chance then wait till saturday. I would Wait in line on saturday morning b/c the usually get new shipments of those things pretty frequently.

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    If Apple has the same number of phones available as they did on launch day of the first iPhone, then I don't think we can expect it selling out much. The fact that one has to activate the phone in store will get rid a good chunk of people who bought a whole bunch last year to sell on eBay, so that reduced price tag isn't going to significantly drive up sales on launch day.

    Last year, my cousin waited in line at the local Apple Store. He said there were about 200 people in line, and yet even the last guy in line walked away with an iPhone. I just walked in and bought one about a week after it came out. I think Apple has determined demand pretty well and will have plenty of phones available for purchase. I don't think you should have much of a problem buying one soon after release.

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    Well, production of the old model stopped like a few months before they ran out of them, so i assume that they will have produced the new model from then onwards, meaning that there should be loads. They always seem to avoid the sell out problem with new products, unlike other companies. They must wait until they have enough to launch it maybe.

    Personally, ill be waiting in line, last time there was about 75 people queueing, and that will either go down or stay the same i think (due to noone getting one for unlocking, and more for lower price etc.)

    I wouldnt worry, you should get one on the saturday.

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    The only reason I can see waiting in line is if you want a 16GB version, which may run out faster as the 8GB version did last year.
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    I think Apple is expecting orders to be coming in thick and fast for the next month or so, and I'm sure they don't want to have to turn people away.

    I won't be queuing up Friday, and I probably won't succumb on Saturday... I'll be thinking long and hard about how I'm can't afford one, then probably give in around Wednesday and worry about the added debt later.
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