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    is there an official list of apps due at the app store i can read about?

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    Nope but a few were mentioned at WWDC. But there will be quite a few I can assure you. Apple is now working on some and 30% of the fortune 500 companies are working on them.

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    When does the store open its doors???

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    I'm sure you will be able to look for apps at Apple's website. I'm not sure about iTunes, but that could be a possibility.

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    The store will open on release of the firmware 2.0, There is not set date but early July I think there is a 99% chance that it will open on the 11th with the 3G iPhone. And the apps are going to be available through app store, Which will be added to the iPhone for free with the update and $9.95 for touch owners. You will be able to download apps through wifi and edge on the iPhone. But for edge they have to be below a special number of bytes I think 1 Mb. And also I am pretty sure they will not be available through, But I am sure they will be available through iTunes there will be a store just like the iTunes store.

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    I am pretty positive it will all get rolled out on on July 11th or whatever day the new phone comes out.

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